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Hello, I’m Michelle Ranson from Perth Food Photography. I have been a passionate food photographer from the minute I picked up a camera. In fact, my passion began when I started to create my own healthy weight loss cookbook, “The Bikini Cookbook” in 2010 and had to learn the ins and outs of photography.

What followed was an epic cookbook career with a full series of 10 cookbooks made over a decade. Writing, styling and photographing 10 cookbooks has allowed me to develop a talent for food photography, that really allows the food to shine.

After completing the series of cookbooks, I began to focus on shooting other people’s food creations in their kitchens and restaurants. This has taken me to many wonderful locations where there is plenty of passion, excitement and creativity. 

I have travelled extensively and photographed in kitchens in Italy, to street vendors in Vietnam. Travelling throughout the world I have photographed everything from landscapes to portraits, street scenes to events. But my passion truly lies with food photography.

I specialise in photography for anything food related, so if you have a restaurant or bar, you produce food or beverages, or you have a food based event, contact me to see how I can make your food shine.

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Frequently Asked Questions

  • Yes, I would absolutely love to help you take the photographs for your cookbook and I am also happy to assist you with the food styling side of it.

  • Yes, we can cover food, staff, the venue space and any other nice details of interest during your shoot.

  • It is good to have a list of the images you need and let me know what style or look you are going for with the shoot.

    The location of where we shoot needs to be organised, prepared and ready to go. Chefs and staff who are assisting the shoot should know what they are doing, and in what order food is coming out. This ensures everything can run smoothly, and food isn’t sitting around going soggy. 

  • If you require video of your venue, event or staff at work, my husband and business partner, Wade Ranson, can take over this part of the shoot. Professionally shot and edited videos can really enhance your website and social media channels. Video is great for capturing attention and highlighting the atmosphere of your venue or event.

    If I am not taking photos at the time, I will assist Wade with the video shoot. Contact us to find out more.

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